Release Batch 2

It's here! Release Batch 2 is finally out!

What's New?

  • 3 new love interests unlocked: Gentle Saturn, Scholarly Ur, and Overworked-but-steadfast Terra.
  • Glossary for each of the new love interests
  • New CG for Jupiter, and it's a hot one~
  • Extended ending for Neptune
  • Party conversations added for Mercury and Saturn, and fixed bugs related to the party conversations
  • Android version now available!
  • General bug and typo fixes

When Will the Final Batch Come Out?

Unfortunately the last one will take a little longer. In addition to finishing the final routes we plan to polish everything, including new beautiful CGs for all the routes and augmented story for some. Depending on how much demand we get, there might also be some DLC with side stories offering further insight into all the planets. If you want to see this happen, be sure to support us!

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Hi! Trying out Ur's route. and always getting "in space no one can hear your scream" line and then - the menu. Is it the bad end or I'm doing something wrong?



Hi Sherkin! Yes, that is the bad ending, lol. You'll have to try again with different choices to see if you can win the good one!

Thanks! I thought maybe I caught a bug or smthg))))


Hint: Always be honest even if it might be a little harsh ;)

Thank you!

I'm still a little confused - I tried R(ight)-R-R,





L-L-R combos - all give me the same outcome =(


*cough* R-L-L


If it still doesn't work let us know! 

XD oh boy, do I feel dumb)))))))

It worked, thank you))))))))


Hey there, Sherkin, we wanted to thank you for your continued engagement and helping us find issues in the game. As a reward, we'd like to offer you either a sketch or bonus scene featuring whichever MoS character is your favorite. I was unable to message you directly or find your twitter so I had to reply here, haha. Please let us know what you'd like!