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Paige loves hockey. She's studied and played on and off the ice for as long as she can remember. Her knowledge and toughness are top notch. While she's never been gifted in natural skill, she's one of the best when it comes to adapting to opponents and teammates. There's only one problem, her temper. Paige has racked up innumerous suspensions and even been kicked off teams for her legendary bouts of rage.

However, she finally feels like she has her temper under wraps and she's ready to give her favorite sport another go. Her brother has agreed to bring her to practice with his dek hockey team to see if she's ready to handle competition once again. First step, making sure she can get along with her new teammates!

  • 3 Romantic Interests
  • 6 CGs
  • 3 Date Epilogues
  • Approximately 35,000 words

Hey everyone! I finally finished this game after 2 years. It's amazing what a trial this was considering it is only around 35,000 words. So sorry for all the delays, it's been a busy year for me. Along with the new art, I've added additional content including date epilogues for each of the guys that take place a few months into the relationship. The game is free, so if you enjoy it, I hope you share it with your friends! I'm glad to have the updated and final version for you all to play! 

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Hey! This was a really enjoyable short game. Really appreciated the sincerity of the characters -- your 2 years of work are apparent! Jordan's my personal favorite. (: Thanks for the game!

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Ok, I played this in about an hour, but it was super cute and I had a smile on my face the entire time. I did Blake's route first, I'll try out the others on another date - but Blake, he's my man! Shorties are my type, so thank you for that <3

Paige is funny and feisty. I loved her first outburst against Blake for telling him left from right. Actually, I love all of her outbursts hahaha. I loved all of  the small action shots of the ball and the cut-ins of the characters during the game, nicely done!

The characters are sweet and memorable. I don't dislike anyone. I am a bit disappointed that 77 didn't get to have an actual face, despite having a fully fledged sprite. I even applaud not dragging it out and having  Blake ask her out on a date right afterwards.

Then again... Blake's ending felt rushed, as I was expecting this to be their first date, but in the middle of their ice skating date, they were talking about it having already happened. I feel cheated that we didn't get to see this. I realize this is because the game is pretty short and you wanted to wrap things up, but still sad we didn't get a chronological progression of his story.

Anyways, I donated and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, thank you for making it! It was super cute :)


Thanks for playing and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed Blake's route so much you were hoping for more (shorties are my type too ;). Honestly, this was just supposed to be a one month project for NanoReno in 2016, but I ended up not having enough time to finish it. After that, I wanted to redo all the sprite and CGs, then add the date epilogues which I struggled with massive writer's block on, but I never want to leave a project unfinished! 

I definitely considered doing the first date but I kinda wanted the conversation to be deeper and more personal between Paige and the guys. I felt like it would be a bit strange for them to share everything on the first date. 

Thanks for donation! I sincerely appreciate it as I have plans for much bigger projects in the future and it always helps. 

Omg you're a genius! I've played everything you have on Itch and it's amazing. I normally hate a high school slice of life sort of setting (i'm more of a fantasy kind'a gal), and the anger management thing put me off for quite a while, but after playing the other two games, i just had to try it. And boy do i wish this was longer! I felt almost cheated by the length - like why would you end something so good at such an awful time?!

Anyhow play this guys. And everything else from Yoshibb. You won't regret it!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm so happy to see that you enjoyed this and my other games. I am currently in the process of making epilogues for each of the guys as well as updating the art among a few other tweaks. So just a little extra content is coming ^.^

So it's been some time now. Is there any news on the epilogues and extra content? :D

Sorry about the long delay for this. I had to get a new job which has eaten up all my free time. I'm close to being finished though, so I might be able to have it done by the end of the month, but it just depends on life circumstances unfortunately :/ I'll try to post an update on twitter soon. Thanks for the continued interest in the game!

Oooh! Sports OTOME! As usual, Imma post my thoughts at LSF!